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  • Who we are?
    AA DENTAL DEPOT (AA MEDICAL SUPPLIES IKE.) is a privately owned Greek company and also part of an European distribution network specialized in the dental sector.
  • From where my products come from?
    All the products come directly from our 2 large warehouses located in Germany and Spain. The delivery time is from 3 to 7 days.
  • Why the prices are low?
    Our network is composed of official distributors and dealers of more than 250 brands worldwide. We negotiate large quantities of products with the manufacturers to get the lowest purchasing prices.
  • How can I get an offer for a list of products?
    Select the products and quantities of your choice, proceed normally with the cart, you will not be asked for any payment. once we receive your "order", we will reply within 24H to 48H with a quotation depending on the products and quantities of your choice.
  • How do I save money shopping from this company?
    The prices are already discounted and although there is a standard shipping cost (since your product will come from Germany or Spain) you still save money when you shop a list of products. The standard shipping cost is by parcel independently of how many products it contains. More products you shop, more this cost by product is low. The standard shipping cost doesn't affect the high values products.
  • Why the products description is only in English?
    Because we use the same platform for all our network companies in many countries in Europe, English is used by default. Do not hesitate to contact us about any product description in the language you wish.
  • I cannot find a product I am looking for?
    The general catalog of all the network has more 100.000 products starting from spare parts till large equipments. We are able to provide you with almost all the products in the market. Communicate with us about product you wish to buy and we will do all the necessary to get it for you at the best price.
  • Does my payment is secure and protected?
    We use the latest and safest payments platforms from STRIPE / KLARNA (SSL encrypted) and PAYPAL professional. You can also pay by Bank deposit directly to our business account at EUROBANK.
  • How to pay with KLARNA installments?
    At the checkout, choose the Cash Payment option. We will contact you with an encrypted KLARNA link where you can choose how many doses and get the acceptance from KLARNA (it is not up to us if your transaction will be accepted by KLARNA or not. visit for more details)


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