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Oral Prophylaxis Smart Kit Airflow Max

This kit provides a complete professional prophylaxis treatment, reducing the incidence of caries, combating plaque and improving overall oral health. The comprehensive collection of accessories offers maximum efficiency, comfort and safety.

Features of Airflow Max Smart Kit:

  • Minimally invasive.
  • Compatible with Airflow S1.
  • Airflow Plus is suitable for any clinical application and any patient.
  • Erythritol + CPC compound (hypoallergenic, tasteless)
  • The aluminium bottle reduces the environmental impact.
  • Reusable, once empty it can be given to the patient as a drinking bottle.
  • The Biofilm Discloser is used to remove all biofilm.
  • By staining the biofilm, all micro-organisms are removed.
  • Staining of teeth and gums can motivate the patient to improve home care.

Contents of the Airflow Max Smart Kit: AIRFLOW MAX handpiece, Easy Clean, 400 g AIRFLOW PLUS powder, Biofilm Discloser sample (5 pellets)


Manufacturer Item No.: FS-475


Airflow Max: Intelligent Oral Prophylaxis Smart Kit - EMS

SKU: GL209874
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  • Together with the universal 14 µm AIRFLOW® PLUS powder, AIRFLOW® MAX removes biofilm, discoloration and young tartar supra- and subgingivally up to 4 mm pocket depth on natural teeth, orthodontic appliances, restorations and implants. It cleans and polishes in one step and in hard-to-reach areas that cannot be reached by rubber cups and polishing pastes.

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