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Bader Type B 8 Litre Autoclave

8l autoclave

  • Class B autoclave for sterilising surgical and dental medical instruments, especially designed for clinics, hospitals, laboratories...
  • The sterilizer uses a microprocessor with an intelligent control system and humanistic, easy to operate, safe and comfortable interface. The parameters and conditions for autoclaving are transmitted on the screen during the process.
  • To ensure that sterilisation is accurate, the machine will perform self-diagnostics and self-protection in cases where overheating or high pressure temperatures exist.
  • The inner part of the autoclave has a condensed water collector that prevents the steam that can pollute the environment.
  • Latest generation autoclave with an 8 litre capacity. Equipped with interesting functions, such as a USB port, water quality sensor with tank, LCD screen and security valve.
  • Capacity: 8 Litres.
  • Chamber dimensions: 17x32cm.
  • Screen: LCD.
  • Block: electric + mechanic.
  • Overall dimensions: 78x50x43cm.
  • Power source: 220V/50hZ 2.4KW
  • USB connection.
  • Thermal printer.
  • Net weight: 35kg
  • Gross weight: 42kg.

Bader 8 Litre Class B Autoclave - Bader

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  • Type B Certified Sterilisation

    • 8 litre class B autoclave, with the latest technological advances such as a USB port, water quality sensor, safety gauge and LCD display
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