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Atramat Bone Wax

Features of Bone Wax as a Mechanical Haemostatic:

  • Used locally to control blood loss and act as a mechanical barrier or plug.
  • It is a non-absorbable and inert material that has no biochemical action in the body.
  • It is a mixture of beeswax obtained from the honeycomb of Apis melifera Linné and isopropyl palmate.
  • Wax is a solvent with good emulsifiability.
  • It is opaque in appearance and has a characteristic odour and colour.
  • Once the Atramat Bone Wax is opened, it should be softened using an aseptic technique to the desired consistency and applied to the bone surface as required for the surgical procedure and at the surgeon's preference.
  • Content: 12 units of 2.5g.

Bonewax: Bone Wax 2.5g (12 pcs) - Atramat

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  • Mechanical haemostatic:

    • Designed to be used locally to control blood loss.
    • It acts as a mechanical barrier or plug.
    • Non-absorbable and inert material.
    • Content: 12 units.
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