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Instrumental Kit MASTERS students Dentistry

It is a well-balanced option for dental internships, both the first steps at university and in the clinic with patients.

Thanks to its features such as the turbine with high-power LED light 21w and internal irrigation and high speed of all the components you can stand out from the rest of colleagues finishing first and effortlessly in every practice and case.

Ledultimate turbine:

  • Triple spray.
  • Multiflex 4 connection.
  • Speed of 33,000rpm.
  • Fibre optic system 32000 lux.
  • Ceramic bearings.
  • With LED light
  • Autoclave at 135º.
  • Bur change via button.
  • 21W Power.

Pneumatic Micromotor:

  • Pneumatic with internal irrigation.
  • Midwest 4 connection.
  • Speed of 22000rpm.
  • Without light.

Complacement handpiece:

  • Internal irrigation.
  • Transmission 1:1.
  • Without light.
  • Shielded bearings.</li>
  • Speed from 22,000 to 40,000rpm.

Complacement Contra-Angle:

  • Internal irrigation.
  • Without light.
  • Triple spray.
  • Ceramic bearings.
  • Push Button.
  • Removable head compatible with Kavo.
  • Speed of 20,000-40,000rpm.
  • 1:1 transmission.

Kit Masters: Rotating Instruments Students - Bader

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  • Bader rotary instrument kit for dental students

    • Ultimate 1000 Turbine
    • Complacent contra-angle
    • Handpiece: Complacent.
    • Micromotor: Newmatic.
    • Free lubricant spray, backpack and carrying case.
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