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Garrison Proximal Perform Contact Instrument Set

PerForm is an instrument that facilitates polymerisation with fibre optic illumination to shape the proximal contact. Used for the first increment of uncured composite in Class II restorations. Apply mesial or distal pressure to place the proximal contact where desired and cure.

PerForm gives you complete control over the placement and allows you full control over the composite increment, both the height and width of the contact area in Class II restorations.

Features of the Perform Proximal Contact Instrument:

  • Facilitates polymerisation with fibre optic illumination.
  • Performs full control over the composite increment.
  • Compatible with sectional matrix systems, traditional Tofflemire-style matrices or self-bracing matrices such as ReelMatrix.

SDI Radii-Cal wireless light-curing lamp

The LED lamp achieves the best performance, in a reduced size with the highest power, achieving the polymerisation of even the deepest restorations.

Characteristics of the Radii-Cal Lamp:

  • High intensity The higher the intensity, the more light penetrates to cure the underlying restoration, thus achieving a greater depth of cure. The Radii-cal lamp has an extremely high light intensity of 1200mW/cm2. Cure your restorations knowing that you will have the ultimate power.
  • Depth of cure The greater the depth of cure, the more complete the curing of the restoration. This ensures the optimal properties of the restorative material and increases the life time of the restoration. Feel assured that you will get the greater depth of cure.
  • Fanless Unlike other LED lamps, Radii-cal does not require a fan. It uses a technology of descending heat that reduces the emission of heat. Moreover, using a combination of pulse and constant current technology, the Radii-cal achieves a higher output power without generating excess heat. Avoid overheating in clinic, fatigue of materials and a comfortable silence
  • Efficient use of energy The light emitted by Radii-cal corresponds to the maximum absorbance of camphorquinone, thus ensuring efficient light curing in most restoratives.
  • Ramp mode During the first 5 seconds, the output power of the Radii-cal light is gradually increased. This polymerization of ´inicio suave´ (gentle start) reduces the stress of the restoration on the enamel/dentin restoration bond and reduces gaps in the restoration.
  • Wireless Radii-cal is a wireless lamp that allows you complete freedom of movement and total control. Save time and avoid problems with the cordless Radii-cal lamp. Easy to clean Its smooth, glossy finish ensures that bacteria do not contaminate the surface, making it easier and quicker to clean.
  • Integrated radiometer The Radii-cal's integrated radiometer provides you with a simple test to ensure the functionality of the lamp, ensures its correct operation and calibration according to the needs of the treatment.
  • Recharging The Radii-cal does not need to be constantly recharged. A full charge of Radii-cal allows it to cure 720 times at 10 seconds before needing to be recharged again.
  • Removable battery pack The battery simply unscrews from the Radii-cal lamp and can be replaced.
  • 2 year warranty Radii-cal's strong and reliable construction ensures that your purchase is a long-term investment.

Technical Specifications of the Radii-Cal Lamp:

Lamp (battery, control section and standard LED accessory):

  • Wave length: 440 nm - 480 nm.
  • Peak wavelength: 460 nm
  • RAMP mode at full intensity: 5 seconds
  • Light intensity: 1200 mW/cm2 (peak)
  • Continuous duration of use 60 seconds
  • Full continuous usage time with fully charged battery: 2 hours
  • Dimensions: 22mm diameter x 243mm long
  • Weight: 144gs. / 5.1oz.
  • Battery. 2 x 4.2V Lithium-Ion - 1200mAh

Radii-Cal Lamp Connector Pack:

  • Input voltage: 90 - 264V - 50/60Hz
  • -Output voltage: 12V DC - Output current: 750 mA
  • Dimensions: 70mm high x 45mm wide x 50mm long
  • Weight: 80gs./2.82oz.

Radii-Cal Lamp Charger:

  • Battery charging time: 60-180 minutes
  • Operating temperature: 10ºC - 40ºC
  • Total height with lamp inserted: 255mm
  • Dimensions: 70mm high x 40mm wide x 130mm long
  • Weight: 84gs. / 3oz.

Contents of the Garrison+SDI Student Kit:

  • Pack of 2 PerForm instruments (1 for large cavities and 1 for small cavities).
  • 1 Radii-cal curing light.

Kit: Radii-cal light curing light + Perform Refill Package - Sdi

SKU: CFK01-5600102
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  • Dental Student Lamp and Furrow Former Kit

    Garrison interproximal contact point instrument.

    • Facilitates polymerisation with fibre optic illumination.
    • Perform a complete check on the composite increment.
    • Compatible with sectional matrix systems and traditional matrices.

    SDI Light Curing Lamp:

    • High intensity and underlying polymerisation capacity.
    • Advanced technology, power of 1200mW/cm2 without requiring ventilation.
    • Wireless, lightweight and ergonomic.
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