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The MK-dent air polisher with its modern and light handle design together with the 360º rotation of the cannula makes it a very comfortable and functional instrument, minimizing fatigue in the operator's hands. With a special finish that gives it maximum grip so it doesn't slip out of your hands.

It achieves perfect direction of the bicarbonate powder with maximum precision and safety thanks to its irrigation points that protect the gums during the polishing treatment of dental pieces.

Being autoclavable, it allows treatments to be carried out safely and hygienically.



  • Model: Prophyline .
  • Colour: grey .
  • Available for type couplings: KaVo Multiflex , W&H Roto Quick , Sirona Click & Go , Bien Air Unifix and NSK Matchlite/Phatelus .
  • Sterilizable and heat disinfectable: 135º .
  • Does NOT include bicarbonate bottle .
  • Warranty: 1 year .

Prophyline Air Polisher - Mk Dent

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  • Bicarbonate Prophyline Mk-Dent dental polisher

    • Comfortable and simple design.
    • Non-slip surface.
    • Different types of coupling: KaVo, Sirona, NSK and BienAir, W&H
    • Maximum precision and safety.
    • 360º rotation of the cannula.
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