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Ultrasonic Set for Periodontics Various Combi Pro Perio

Specially designed kit for subgingival applications that allows the removal of bacterial plaque or cleaning around implants and pockets among others, with a separation between powder and water to avoid damaging periodontal tissues.

The periodontics set includes:

  • Kit combination prophylactic device Perio, including powder jet handpiece with hose, powder chamber, bottle of glycine powder, subgingival nozzle tips, accessories

Features of the Perio-System tank:

  • When switched on for initial treatment, the spray pressure is reduced by 20% .
  • Volume: 400 ml.

Features of the Perio System handpiece:

  • Handpiece for easy access and ease of use.
  • With a compact and elongated mouthpiece to reach the molars adequately, extending the field of application.
  • It allows for greater comfort for both the professional and the patient.

Features of the Perio Mate tip:

  • Flexible tips that adapt to the contours of the tooth.
  • Allow easy access to the periodontal pockets
  • Made of a semi-transparent material for better visibility.
  • Sterilised and individually wrapped.

Features of Pero Mate powder:

  • Polishing powder made with glycine, being of lower hardness than dentine (2 vs. 2-2.5).
  • Prevents subgingival retention due to its highly soluble properties.
  • Average particle diameter of 25 µm.

Special ultrasound kit periodontics Perio Set combi pro - Nsk

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  • Kit for subgingival application:

    • Enables the removal of bacterial plaque or cleaning around implants and pockets.
    • It has a separation between powder and water to avoid damaging periodontal tissues.
    • Elongated and compact handpiece for easy reach and comfort during treatment.
    • Includes flexible tips and treatment powder.
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