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TKD MOON curing light

Extremely accurate and reliable, MOON evolution is the most powerful and flexible curing light on the dental market, with programs and accessories for any need. The lamp has been designed and tested effectively for use with all light-curing dental materials (composites, polymer composites, adhesives, cement).

Ergonomic and articulated, it can be used in a straight or angular position. The special rotating fiber holder offers twice the operating possibilities, allowing any tooth to be treated with ease.

The new light emission cycles have been improved and optimized in accordance with clinical recommendations that focus on the aspects of delivered energy in relation to minimum light emission times.

All this research has been carried out with the aim of preventing shrinkage phenomena. Therefore, an optimal combination of short treatment times and reliable results has been achieved. Cycle B with gradual start, in particular, has been designed for the Bonding or dental adhesive technique.

The high quality fiber optics ensure a homogeneous light intensity over the entire surface and a complete and effective polymerization. In traditional lights, on the other hand, the light is uneven and leads to partial compound polymerization. Optical fibers or protection shield can be autoclaved up to 134 ° C.

The easy-to-use interface displays 6 curing programs, each different in light intensity and emission time, three of which feature gradual start (Soft Start). Once a cycle starts, a buzzer emits a short beep every 5 seconds.



  • Intensity : 1.000 – 1.800 mW/cm². (Max 3.200 with ∅5mm fiber optic- ∅5mm not included)
  • Wavelength 430 – 490 nm.
  • 20 ÷ 36 Vdc; 24 ±10 % Vac; 350 mA maximum.
  • Dimensions: ∅39mm (Articulacated)/ ∅28mm (Body) x 225mm .
  • Includes: fiber optics ∅8mm and protective shield
  • Hose not included.
  • Compatible with Castellini T-LED light.
  • Warranty: 24 months.

TKD MOON curing light/ TKD

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  • TKD MOON curing light.

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