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Ultrasurgery surgical equipment

UltraSurgery is a piezoelectric device for bone surgery that allows osteotomy and osteoplasty techniques to be applied in almost any anatomical situation.

Features of Ultrasurgery:

  • It offers three main functions: bone, carcass and cleaning.
  • Bone function is mainly used for dental surgery, such as tooth extraction, bone marrow transplantation, ostagenic distraction, osteoplasty, bone harvesting techniques and periodontal surgery, etc.
  • The carcass function is mainly used in mechanized ultrasonic treatments such as periodontics, endodontics and preventive treatments.
  • The handpiece, cable, tip holder, tips and tip key can be autoclavable at a temperature of 135°C and pressure 0.22 MPa.
  • Thanks to its monitor and alarm functions in the working process , it ensures the safety of the equipment and the surgery.
  • Voltage: 200-240 V - 50/60 Hz 360 mA (maximum).
  • 17,000 Hz working frequency. 24 kHz - 29.5 kHz.
  • Power output: 3 W to 20 W
  • Total weight of the unit: 12Kg.
  • Light incorporated in the equipment

Ultrasurgery equipment (1 pc.) - Woodpecker

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  • Woodpecker Ultrasurgery dental surgery equipment:

    • For bone surgery allowing osteotomy and osteoplasty techniques to be applied in almost any anatomical situation.
    • It offers three main functions: bone, carcass and cleaning.
    • Output power: 3 to 20W (in levels).
    • Types available: UltraSurgery and UltraSurgery with light .
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