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AP-H Woodpecker Bicarbonate Air Polisher | Midwest Connection 4

Comfortable, precise and light. 2 in 1: Supragingival and Subgingival functions.

With its handpiece for supragingival treatments (AP-1 Plus) it cleans and polishes teeth and with its handpiece for subgingival treatments (AP-2 Plus) it effectively removes biofilm from the edge of the subgingival area and in pockets. deeper periodontal

  • Ergonomic and light ( 125gr. ). Maximum comfort during work and less fatigue.
  • Handpiece separable into 3 parts, easy maintenance.
  • Anti-return design for water and dust to prevent clogging.
  • Mini head with 360º rotation and stylized design for an optimal vision of the work area.
  • Designed for use with Bicarbonate and Glycine powders.
  • Transparent side tank that allows you to see the amount of remaining powder.
  • Available for the main connections in the market.


SUPRAGINGIVAL (AP-1 Plus handpiece)

Designed for supragingival treatment, it cleans and polishes the teeth. Concentrated and precise powder output.



  • Dust outlet diameter: 0.7mm.
  • Water outlet diameter: 1.4mm.
  • Recommended powder size: 40 – 65μm.
  • Sterilizable 134º.
  • Warranty: 12 months on the handpiece.


Supply includes:

  • air polisher.
  • AP-1 Plus Supragingival Handpiece (28-AP1PLUS)

AP-H Woodpecker Bicarbonate Air Polisher

Excluding Sales Tax

Comfortable, precise and light. 2 in 1: Supragingival and Subgingival functions.

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