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Mestra Air Purifier with Triple Filter and UV Light

The Mestra Air Purifier acts in any enclosed space, eliminating dust, dirt and bacteria. The purification process starts with a group of three filters: Bacterial HEPA, activated carbon and photocatalytic, then the UV lamp intervenes, which eliminates up to 96% of bacteria, and finally the purification is completed with ionisation and the possibility of activating an ozone generator.

*The Large Air Purifier does not have an ozone generator.

Features of the Mestra Air Purifier:

  • Convenient touch control panel.
  • Quiet engine.
  • Digital display and remote control.
  • It prevents the onset of diseases, especially respiratory diseases.
  • Easy to use
  • Treats indoor air and removes pollution from the room.
  • Automatic mode: is controlled by a computer system that can set the "MANU /AUTO / TIMER" mode.
  • Virucidal and bactericidal pre-filters, bacterial HEPA, activated carbon and photocatalytic.
  • Safety switch, the equipment will automatically switch off when the right cover is opened.
  • With filter replacement warning indicator and UV lamp.
  • It has a PM2.5 sensor, which checks the level of dust or particles and displays the data.

Functionality of the Mestra Grande Air Purifier:

  • Pre-filter: effectively removes PM10.0 or larger particles.
  • HEPA: using a new generation of composite materials, it can effectively remove particles.
  • Activated carbon filter: biosynthesis of walnut shell, the adsorption area is larger, can effectively remove smoke and formaldehyde.
  • Photocatalyst: when using titanium dioxide (TiO2), its oxidising function may damage the filter captured in the cell membrane of bacteria or inhibit the activity of viruses.
  • UV lamp: The bacterial kill rate can exceed 96%.
  • Anion: Emission of negative ions.

Technical Specifications of the Mestra Grande Air Purifier:

  • Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Airflow: ≥ 560 m3/h
  • Noise: ≤ 45 dB(A)
  • Cable length: ≥ 1.4 m
  • Dimensions: 370 x 265 x 570 mm
  • Weight: 8.7 kg
  • Power: 72 W
  • Recommended purification area: 60-70 m2

Filter Data:

  • HEPA: Dimensions 415 x 315 x 25 mm / Shelf life approx. 12 months.
  • Activated carbon and photocatalyst: Dimensions 415 x 315 x 15 mm / Shelf life approx. 6 months.
  • Pre-filter: Dimensions 412.5 x 312.5 x 21 mm / Shelf life approx. 6 months.

UV Lamp Data:

  • Model: T5
  • Power: 6 W.
  • Voltage: 220∼240 V
  • Wave length: 254 nm
  • Lifetime: 8000 h

Automatic Air Purifier (Various Sizes) - Mestra

SKU: DTXME100514
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Air Purifier to eliminate dust, dirt and germs:

    • Bacteria removal by UV lamp.
    • 3-level HEPA bacterial, activated carbon and photocatalytic filters...
    • Built-in PM2.5 particle sensor.
    • It prevents the onset of diseases, especially respiratory diseases.
    • Three sizes are available depending on the volume of space to be treated.
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