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i-Sensor Digital Dental Radiology Sensor

  • The size of the H1 being more compact than the H2 is more child-suitable due to the size of the mouth.
  • As the sensor is smaller, the area it scans is smaller than that of the H2, so for small mouths it will cover the whole area to be scanned and may be too small for adults, which is why the H2 is recommended for adults.

Features of the i-Sensor Digital Dental Radiology Sensor:

  • 16-bit ADC chip provides 60,000+ greyscale.
  • High definition sensor with up to 2.2 million pixels.
  • Faster and higher quality X-ray imaging.
  • More detail and better image quality with a resolution of 25 lp/mm.
  • Clearer image effect, to easily find subtle bifurcations of the root apex.
  • USB 2.0 connector.
  • No external power supply required.
  • Cable length: 3 metres.
  • Ultra-thin sensor (4.4 mm) and curved edges.
  • IP68 protection rating.
  • Measurements H1: 38.5 x 25mm (962.5 mm)
  • Measurements H2: 40 x 31mm (1.240 mm)

i-Sensor H2: Digital Radiology Sensor - Woodpecker

SKU: 28-H2
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  • Woodpecker Digital Dental Radiology Captor:

    • Powerful software
    • High resolution images
    • Easy to use on any device
    • Extra-thin, curved-edge sensor
    • Reliable and durable
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