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Tabletop EMS Ultrasounds

It has an EMS handpiece ideal for prophylaxis treatments such as periodontics.

The digital control makes operation easy and thanks to the automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always runs at the highest frequency and performs at a constant rate, with no frequency range jumps.

Characteristics of ultrasound with light:

  • Ultrasound model compatible with EMS system.
  • Handpiece autoclave at 135º C
  • Attractively designed tabletop model
  • The following tips are included as standard:
    • For cleaning: 1 unit G1 + 1 unit G2 + 1 unit G3 + 1 unit G4.
    • For periodontics: 1 unit P1

Desktop UDSK EMS ultrasonic - Woodpecker

Excluding Sales Tax

UDSK ultrasound ideal for periodontics:

  • Ultrasonic UDSK compatible with EMS system
  • It has an EMS type handpiece deal for prophylaxis treatments like periodontics.
  • Available with and without LED light
  • Different types of tipsare included as standard

Price & Support

*Prices here above are provided by way of quotation (average order).

*Prices are subject to change to prices in effect at the time of final order.
*Seller reserves the right to make any corrections to the quoted prices hereby. 
*Buyer will be notified to confirm.
N.B: More products you order, more discounts you will get!


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