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Disposable saliva aspirators made of non-toxic PVC material with incorporated metallic thread. Ejectors are indispensable in the clinic, used directly in the mouth to keep the medium free of fluids during surgery.

Characteristics of saliva ejectors:

  • They are soft and flexible and do not collapse when bent, ensuring a free and constant flow.
  • Thanks to the shape of the tip, they provide optimal suction without blockages and without tissue aspiration.
  • Decontaminated, by UV treatment.
  • Designed to keep the oral environment dry and facilitate work in the area without fluids.
  • Patented process: Unpolluted
  • Its metallic thread allows easy handling and bending to give the desired shape to the hoover.
  • With roundremovable cap to avoid injury to the patient.
  • It does not damage the patient's soft tissues.
  • Foldable. They are uniquely adapted to each patient's mouth..
  • Length: 15cm
  • Diameter: 6.5 mm.
  • Contents: 100 units.


Manufactured in Lucca, Italy.

Disposable saliva ejectors (100 units) - Vidu

Excluding Sales Tax

Flexible saliva aspirators for VIDU dental practices:

  • Plastic Neutral. Plastic footprint = 0gr. * Certified by Gravity Wave.
  • They are soft and flexible. They are uniquely adapted to the patient's mouth.
  • They do not collapse when bent, ensuring a free and constant flow.
  • Decontaminated, by UV treatment.

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