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DTE D5 Ultrasound for Prophylaxis

Dental cleaning is one of the basic procedures to ensure the good health of all patients, that is why the cleaning procedures by ultrasound prophylaxis are essential in any dental clinic, ensure the success of your treatments with an equipment with guarantees and safety at the same time that makes the clinical time profitable with a higher turnover of patients and therefore profit.

The DTE D5 ultrasound is one of the best options thanks to its balance between price, performance and proven robustness that satisfies the clinician with the necessary ergonomics and safety and the patient with fast, less invasive and therefore more comfortable treatments.

The DTE D5 is an electric piezo tabletop model, for easy transport, incorporating special programmes for not only prophylaxis procedures, it is the ideal tool for periodontic and endodontic treatments.

Features of the DTE D5 Ultrasound:

  • Constant power output and return with automatic balancing
    • More patient-friendly treatments
    • Improved balance and tactile sensation
  • Removablehandpiece for easy cleaning and replacement:
    • HD-7H
    • HD-7L Optional with LED light for better visibility in difficult areas

Rapid removal of plaque, stains on teeth, interior made of high quality and durable ceramic materials that prevent the generation of heat.

The included handpiece is fully ergonomic and adapts to any type of hand or operation. It is made of titanium alloy and can be disassembled and sterilised in autoclave up to 135º and at a pressure of up to 0.22MPa.

  • Includes 5 durable tips: GD1T, GD2T, PD1T, ED1T and 1 self-limiting key
  • Fully compatible with Satelec tips.

Technical characteristics of the DTE D5 Ultrasound:

  • LED light (Optional, model ref. DTEHW-5LR)
  • Input power: 220v - 240v
  • Main unit entrance: 30 VDC 1.3A
  • Working power: 30W ~ 20W
  • Frequency: 28kHz+-3kHz
  • Air pressure: 0.01MPa ~ 0.5MPa
  • Dimensions: 188mm x 159mm x 81mm
  • Weight of the main unit: 0,65Kg
  • Transformer weight: 0,3kg

*Guarantee: 24 months (12 months on the handpiece)

DTE D5: Satelec compatible ultrasound - Dte

Excluding Sales Tax

Ultrasonic tooth cleaning compatible with Satelec inserts:

  • Compatible with Satelecultrasonic inserts
  • Ultrasonics with constant power system, detachable and sterilisable handpiece with optional LED
  • Convenient prophylaxis treatments and special programmes: ScalingPerio and Endo
  • Includes 5 bits and spanner
  • Guarantee: 24 months (12 months on the handpiece)

Price & Support

*Prices here above are provided by way of quotation (average order).

*Prices are subject to change to prices in effect at the time of final order.
*Seller reserves the right to make any corrections to the quoted prices hereby. 
*Buyer will be notified to confirm.
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