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Endoactivator Handpiece for endodontic treatment

Endoactivator is an irrigation activator in well-formed canals. It is used in endodontic treatment by applying sonic energy. This system plays an important role in the debridement and disinfection of the root canal system. Ergonomic handle, cordless and battery operated.

The handpiece has a sonic motor with three operating options (high, medium and low). The choice of potency will be determined by the treatment in which it is to be used, the experience of the clinician and the potency required to effectively carry out the treatment. Activator tips are used in conjunction with the handpiece providing energy to the tip to oscillate and vibrate. Evidence-based endodontics has shown that cavillation and acoustic movement improves cleaning and removal of smear and biofilm.

Activated fluids promote deep cleaning and disinfection in lateral ducts, anastomoses, isthmuses and deltas. A clean root canal system facilitates three-dimensional obturation and is a long-term success.

Features of Endoactivator Handpiece:

  • Creates fluid hydrodynamics.
  • Uncoated and without cutting tips.
  • The EndoActivator handpiece does not require calibration for regular use.
  • All endodontic procedures should be performed with an EndoActivator protective sleeve placed over the entire handpiece.
  • Content: 1 unit (including battery).

Endoactivator: Endodontic Handpiece - Maillefer

SKU: A091200000000
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  • Handpiece for root canal irrigation:

    • For debridement and disinfection of root canals.
    • With battery A included.
    • No calibration required.
    • Content: 1 unit.
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