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Erkoform-3d+motion thermoforming machine with vacuum reservoir

The Thermoformer is equipped with software containing all Erkodent thermoforming materials and the unit operates driven from the display, indicating the necessary steps for each job with animations. Under the special functions the heating and vacuum pump can be switched on and off separately.

The thermoforming temperature and cooling time displayed can be changed for special applications or jobs without influencing the basic programming. Also frequently used plates, new plates and changed factory settings can be stored as favourites.

Features of the Erkoform-3d+motion thermoforming machine:

  • Thermoformer without automated thermoforming process.
  • Temperature sensor without contact with the material.
  • No preheating time thanks to medium-wave infrared.
  • Deep heating and not just surface heating.
  • Get low voltage rails.
  • It emits acoustic and optical signals.
  • Display shows information about the status of the process and the time still remaining.
  • Safety system with auto-off after 10 seconds if the next step is not started.

Technical Specifications of the Erkoform-3d+motion Thermoforming Machine:

  • Size: 350 x 315 x 370 mm
  • Weight: 11.9 kg
  • Foil Ø: 120 mm film thickness: 0 - 5.5 mm
  • Max. vacuum: 0.8 bar
  • Noise: 60 dB(A)
  • Power supply: 230 volts, 340 watts

Erkoform-3d+: Vacuum Thermoforming Machine - Erkodent

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  • Vacuum thermoforming machine with vacuum reservoir:

    • Gets low voltage rails.
    • It allows for homogeneous and gentle heating.
    • Temperature sensor without contact with the material.
    • No preheating time thanks to its medium wave infrared.
    • Manufacturer item no.: 188600
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