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FlashMax® P7 - photodynamic disinfection and light polymerization in one device! With FlashMax® P7, a key finding from various university research was implemented: the effect of antibacterial therapy is demonstrably increased by the addition of hydrogen peroxide! The new natural photosensitizer consists of vitamin B2, curcuma and peroxide. It is provided as a powder in syringes and can be easily mixed with water. In addition , FlashMax® P7 (wavelength 460nm) offers two treatment options in just one device due to its universal light energy: on the one hand, consistent biofilm management in periodontics, implantology, endodontics as well as for halitosis, canker sores and fungal infections. The exposure here is at an intensity of 7,500 mW/cm2. On the other hand, FlashMax® P7 is the powerful device for the fast and reliable polymerization of composites. With 5,000mW/cm2 it hardens composites very quickly. There are different programs for both indications that optimally and individually support each treatment.

FlashMax® P7 SET - MEDICOM

SKU: GL214236
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  • FlashMax® P7

    Set 1 FlashMax P7 handpiece with charging station, 10 x CMS P7 Perio kit (1 x 1.5 ml QroxB2 perio syringe, 1 Prolacsan gel, 10 ProlacSan tablets), 1 patient communication card (PMU02-DE, POD02_DE + PIM01_DE), 10 x 0.5 ml QroxB2 syringe Endo, 10 x CMS Gingikit (1 ProlacSan gel, 10 ProlacSan tablets, 1 patient communication card (POD01_DE)), 25 x 10 ProlacSan tablets, 250 tips (4 mm, 8 mm, Endo, Perio L23 , Perio L15), 10 disposable covers (plastic), 250 protective covers (film, for handpiece)

    Manufacturer item no.: 100425_DE
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