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Green & Clean M2Kit refill II (2 Bottles)


The Green & Clean M2 kit has a double active defoaming concentrate, ideal for daily cleaning, disinfection and deodorization of suction systems and dental amalgam separators.

  • Suitable for the maintenance of vacuum cleaners of all brands.
  • Concentrated, portable and compact.
  • Dual system specially designed to prevent the generation of resistant microorganisms.

Proper cleaning and disinfection of the entire dental practice system is absolutely essential for both operational and hygienic reasons. By reducing impurities and biofilm, you reduce the deterioration of the unit’s performance and increase its service life.



Nº of uses (Aprox.): 167 applications
Supplies include: 1 x M2 red 500ml + 1 x M2 green 500ml
Valid: For all brands on the market

Green & Clean M2 Kit refill II

SKU: 98-030203
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Green & Clean M2 Kit refill I (2 Bottles). Active concentrate for daily cleaning, disinfection and deodorization of vacuum systems.

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