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Original Halo Sectional Matrix System Band Kit with Instruments

Features of the Original Halo Sectional Matrix System Band Kit with Instruments:

  • Contours anatomically shaped restorations, reducing the time spent on shaping and finishing your restoration.
  • It provides consistently tight contact points, helping to ensure that your restoration will have the longevity that both you and your patient expect.
  • Maximum tooth separation is achieved through the strength of the nitinol ring and the active wedging provided by the wedges.
  • Allows you to restore a single tooth or consecutive restorations with ease.
  • The unique beak design of the Halo ring allows the band to fully adapt to the preparation from the gingival margin to the marginal ridge and helps to maintain its shape even on large preparations, achieving anatomically shaped restorations.
  • It has the capacity to continue to operate (thanks to the ring memory) as intended for up to 1000 sterilisation cycles.
  • Designed with smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • The wedges are firm enough to provide active wedging and separation while being gentle on soft tissue.
  • The carousel provides an efficient, compact and elegant storage solution. It takes up less space than other storage solutions, giving you room for everything you need.

Contents of the Halo Mini Sectional Matrix System Kit:

  • 2 universal rings.
  • 25x5 matrices: 3.5 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm, 7.5 mm.
  • 25x3 wedges: small (yellow), medium (blue), large (green).
  • 1 carousel dispenser.
  • 1 Clamp
  • 1 forceps.
  • Manufacturer Item No.: 4831

Halo Sectional Matrix System: Original Band Kit with Instruments - ULTRADENT

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  • HALO™ is a user-friendly, high-quality partial matrix system that simplifies the creation of aesthetically pleasing and anatomically shaped composite restorations

    • Close contacts help create long-lasting, consistently anatomically correct restorations
    • Maximum separation of the teeth through stability of the rings and active wedging of the specially designed wedges
    • Reduced time required for contouring and finishing
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