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IChiropro dental surgery and implantology device

Bien-Air's latest creation is the iChiropro, an innovative and ultra-competitive iPad-controlled implantology and surgery system equipped with the most competitive instruments on the market. With the iChiropro, everything is designed for easy and accessible use: multi-user, simplified operations, pre-programmed operating sequences, customisable sequences, integrated patient dossier, operation report, saving, exporting and sending of data. With the 20:1 L Micro-Series contra-angle handpiece, the MX-i LED micromotor and the new iChiropro system, you will rediscover the meaning of the words ergonomics and user-friendliness.

With the iChiropro system and its specific applications for touch tablets, discover a perfect working harmony between your iPad and the exceptional electronics controlling the MX-i LED micromotor. The MX-i LED micromotor is the most powerful on the market, is equipped with LED illumination for a long service life and is fitted with lubricated-for-life ceramic ball bearings. Allows illumination with the same luminous intensity at high and low speed. This Swiss Made instrument is equipped with an internal irrigation system, unique in the world, which completely frees the grip area. The liquid is poured through the base of the drill bit to edge it accurately. One of the smallest heads on the market and its light weight make this instrument very handy and precise.

Technical Characteristics of iChiropro:

  • With built-in surgical protocols.
  • Information on guided surgery operations.
  • Digital workflow (data import from CodiagnostiX planning software)
  • Max. torque on rotary instrument for implant mode: 70 Ncm.
  • Dimensions (length x width x height).
  • Weight: 2.8 kg.
  • MX-i Led Micromotor, (3 years warranty*)
  • MX-i LED 1600755-001 Self-ventilating.
  • Micromotor dimensions: ø x L: 23 x 91mm.
  • Weight of the micromotor: 115 gr.


  • 1 iChiropro control ref. 1600784-001
  • 1 MX-i LED micromotor ref. 1600755-001
  • 1 MX-i LED micromotor cable ref. 1600606-001
  • 1 3-button pedal ref. 1600631-001
  • 10 single-use sterile irrigation lines ref. 1500984-010
  • 10 irrigation line fixing brackets ref. 1303711-010
  • 2 sterile protection sheets ref. 1501746
  • 1 bracket ref. 1303393-001
  • 1 bracket ref. 1301575-001
  • 1 network cable for Switzerland ref. 1300065-001
  • 1 network cable for Europe ref. 1300066-001
  • 1 network cable for Asia/USA ref. 1300067-001
  • 1 iPad 4 holder ref. 1305949-001
  • 1 torx screwdriver ref. 1305947-001
  • 1 contra-angle handpiece CA 20:1 L Micro-Series with light ref. 1600692-001

iChiropro: Implantology and dental surgery set - Bien Air

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Bien-Air implantology and dental surgery device:

    • The offer of the iChiropro Set (ref. 1700440-001) includes:
      • 1 x iChiropro Console
      • 1 x MX-i Led Micromotor, (3 years warranty*)
      • 1 x Contra angle AC 20:1 L Micro-Series
      • 1 x MX-i LED cable
      • 1 x Pedal
      • 10 x irrigation lines
      • 2 x sterile iPad protection sheets
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