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Implant Engine Kit: Implantmed SI-1023 with Contra-angle handpiece

The SI-1023 implant motor is the latest innovation in implantology launched by the prestigious Austrian brand W&H, the best technology and quality together in a simplified and intuitive system to facilitate the day-to-day work of surgeons and implantologists.

The new Implantmed from W&H provides even more safety for both the practitioner and his patients.

Thanks to its intuitive operating concept, colour touch screen and glass surface, the new Implantmed offers a maximum level of comfort.

Features of the Implant Motor Kit:

  • Machining function for making threads in bone.
  • Achieves stress-free healing after fixation of the implant on the hardest bone tissue.
  • No bone loss, healing without implant fatigue.
  • Touch screen with glass surface.
  • A colour display with a highly resistant and visible surface makes the control unit easy and intuitive to use.
  • Ease of cleaning and disinfection.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Safe torque control and measurable implant stability.
  • Precise torque setting between 5 and 80 Ncm ensures the necessary safety when screwing in the implant.
  • Controlled insertion of all types of implants with a torque of up to 80 Ncm.
  • Ergonomic balance for long clinical days.
  • Maximum torque of 6,2 Ncm in the micromotor and speed of 200 to 400.000 rpm
  • Sterilisable and thermo-disinfectable

Micromotor EM-19

  • Ultra-short and powerful electric micromotor.
  • Without light.
  • It has a 1.8 m cable.
  • Maximum micromotor torque: 6.2 Ncm.
  • Ultra-short and powerful electric micromotor.
  • Speed: 200 - 40,000 rpm.
  • Sterilisable and thermo-disinfectable

Contra-angle handrail WI-75E/KM

  • With push button.
  • ISO 3964 coupling system.
  • Non-detachable.
  • Hexagon fastening system.
  • For surgical burrs with contra-angle handpiece clamping system.
  • Internal cooling system.
  • Maximum speed 50.000 min^-1

Piezomed module SA-435M

  • Only compatible with Implantmed Plusequipment.
  • It features automatic insert detection.
  • The motor fulfils the functions of piezoelectric surgery and implantology.
  • It contains several functionalities that make it a complete engine for your clinic.

Kit contents:

  • 1 Control unit.
  • 1 Serum wand.
  • 1 Universal bracket.
  • 1 Mains power cable<./li>
  • 3 disposable spray tubes.
  • 1 EM-19 LC micromotor (without light).
  • 1 Surgical contra-angle handpiece.
  • 1 S-NW wireless pedal.
  • Piezomed Plus SA-435 M module.

Implantmed SI-1023 Implant Motor Kit: CA, Piezomed Plus Module, Pedal S-NW - W&h

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  • Implantology kit with micromotor, contra-angle handpiece and module:

    • Simplified and intuitive system.
    • No bone loss, healing without implant fatigue.
    • Touch screen with glass surface.
    • Latest ImplantMed SI-1023 model.
    • With S-NW wireless footswitch, Piezomed module and EM-19 micromotor.
    • Counter-guns to choose from: WI-75 E/KM, WI-75 LG and WI-75 L.
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