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Irrigating and disinfectant solution for the root canal based on 2% cloherxidine digluconate.

Chlorhexidine solution characteristics:

  • Concentration of 2% chlorherxidine digluconate.
  • Indicated for:
    • Hydration and cleansing in root canal treatment.
    • Removal of residues from soft and hard tissues.
    • Irrigation and disinfection of the canal.
  • High antibacterial efficacy.
  • Use after removal of the sludge layer with VIDU's EDTA and NaOCI.
  • Acting time 3-5 minutes.
  • Store in a cool place between 1 and 30ºC, and leave at room temperature before use.
  • Contents: 250 ml bottle.



Irrigation Solution 2% Chlorhexidine (250 ml Bottle) - Vidu

SKU: DTX-VI20620
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Root canal irrigation solution:

  • Plastic Neutral. Plastic footprint = 0gr. * Certified by Gravity Wave.
  • Concentration of 2% chlorherxidine digluconate.
  • It is used in root canal treatments, cleaning and moisturizing the canal.
  • Used for chemical debridement during the root canal preparation process.
  • High antibacterial efficacy.
  • Acting time 3-5 minutes.

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