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ITero Intelligent Intraoral Scanner for Intraoral Use

The element 2 intraoral scanner offers you high-precision scanning power and portability. Now, you'll have more options available to ensure the best fit for your practice with iTero's new intraoral scanner. The main advantage of its use is the elimination of the traditional impression-taking processes common in orthodontic and dental prosthesis treatments. The Element 2 features state-of-the-art computing power, an enlarged 21.5-inch widescreen touchscreen and a built-in rechargeable battery to ensure uninterrupted scanning.


Features of the Element 2 Intraoral Scanner - iTero:

  • The wands of the iTero intraoral scanners are smaller than those of earlier intraoral scanners, allowing them to scan molars in the back of the mouth that were traditionally difficult to reach.
  • Fully wireless scanning bar together with an adjustable arm and a rotating screen allows clinicians to easily show patients the entire scanning process as well as treatment planning.
  • Invisaling Certificate.
  • Precision in capturing detail.
  • Indispensable resource in the dental clinic for diagnosis and planning of prosthetic and orthodontic treatments.
  • It will allow you to digitally demonstrate to the patient the process to be performed, thus improving the patient's consultation experience.
  • Fully intuitive operation thanks to the HD colour touch screen.
  • It allows you to rotate the models with a single click, zoom in and process the images easily.
  • The handpiece does not need to be calibrated.
  • The head is wider, made of silicone, providing a soft feeling to the patient.
  • Ideal for orthodontic treatment, as the orthodontic simulator gives the patient the possibility of observing the before and after with a single click.
  • Time-lapse allows to show the evolution of treatment, and to detect new problems.
  • Moving scan and color differentiation- automatically repositions the start and end elements without the need for many clicks and detects and removes soft tissue to aid diagnosis and clinical evaluation
  • The capture time is 40 to 50 milliseconds.
  • Captures in HD, can reach 8 thousand photos per second.
  • Works with files in free STL format
  • With TeamViewer Pro you can access, view or send the cards to any device.
  • No connectivity to Invisalign.

Advantages of using the Element 2 Intraoral Scanner:

  • Easier and faster processing, create virtual copies of the patient's mouth, thus reducing the number of visits to the dental chair, and you will get a quick response from the lab.
  • Greater accuracy and predictability
  • Clear colour images thanks to HD display, with single-colour scanning, occlusion map and different position possibilities as well as 360° rotation
  • Innovative visualisation of the digital intraoral scanner.
  • Better and more comfortable experience for the patient.

iTero Element 2 R.F. with 3 years of maintenance service

  • Outcome Simulator, Timelapse and Progress Assessment.
  • 100% Software update.
  • Unlimited cloud.
  • Free mesh cleaning.
  • Teamviewer Pro built-in.
  • Zocalado iCast unlimited free.
  • S.A.T 9 to 18h solution in 24h.
  • The maintenance service can be extended on payment of the corresponding fees.

Technical characteristics of Element 2:

  • 21.5" monitor
  • Scanner with red laser light (680 nm class 1) and white LED light.
  • Wireless LAN providing local area network communications with wireless connectivity.
  • Operating current: 100-240 V AC- 50/60 Hz - 200 VA (max.).
  • Operating temperature: 18° to 26 °C.
  • Storage/transport temperature: -5° to 50 °C.
  • Operating pressure and altitude from 520 mmHg to 760 mmHg and 0 ft to 10,000 ft (respectively).
  • Storage/transport pressure and altitude from 430 mmHg to 760 mmHg and 0 ft to 15,000 ft (respectively).
  • Relative humidity: in operation 40 % to 70 % and in storage 30 % to 90 %.
  • Dimensions:
    • iTero HD touchscreen monitor: 356 (Alt) x 552 (Anc) 65 (Prof) mm.
    • iTero Element Reader: 338.5 (H) x 53.5 (W) x 69.8 (D) mm.
    • Support with wheels: 1280 (H) x 645 (W) x 625 (D) mm.
    • Counter stand: 480 (H) x 552 (W) x 220 (D) mm.
  • Net weight:
    • iTero HD touchscreen monitor: 8.3 Kg.
    • iTero Element Reader: 0.47 Kg.
    • Support with wheels: 13.6 Kg.
    • iTero Element 2 counter stand: 2.5 Kg.

iTero Element 2: Intraoral Scanner - Itero

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Intelligent scanner system with high-definition colour screen display:

    • Allows for fast and uninterrupted scanning.
    • 21.5" expanded widescreentouchscreen.
    • Colour images with excellent sharpness.
    • Intuitive interface for digital scans with virtual and text support for restorative and orthodontic work.
    • Wheeled stand for convenient transport to any location in the practice, along with a handy grab handle
    • The wand scanning unit is used with disposable covers for maximum patient hygiene.
    • Use of WiFi connection to send and retrieve scans.
    • Built-in rechargeable battery.
    • Ideal for modern dental practice.
    • Available with or without Invisaling connectivity.
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