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Lara 22 litre Class B autoclave

The Lara autoclave is part of the high performance sterilisers from W&H. It stands out for being faster and more efficient, due to the new built-in upgrades for precise handling.

It also has an improved traceability by being customisable. It contains an activation code for each user to create a record of cycles and control usage. It is also adaptable to different requirements and even provides automatic saving of documentation on a USB memory.

The Lara steriliser is easy to use thanks to its touch screen with an intelligent menu and simple interface. It can also be operated remotely, either on Smartphone or PC via an application.

The avant-garde design is compact and practical to clean because it has a smooth surface. It is easy to use and maintain as it has an integrated automatic water filling valve and a funnel to avoid manual handling.

The brand also respects the environment not only by saving electricity consumption, but also by the launch of the new eco packaging. The packaging is made of cardboard to provide a reusable, useful and conscious use.

Features of the Lara Steriliser 22 litres:

  • It has the fastest Class B cycle in its class.
  • Fast Eco Dry + cycle function.
  • Contains a colour touch screen with intuitive interface.
  • Advanced automatic traceability for customised handling of cycle functions and documentation of cycle reports.
  • Fast sterilisation cycle of only 20 minutes.
  • Unique upgrade capability customisable.
  • Customisation of the steriliser by identification with a user activation code.
  • Edvanced, ergonomic and functional design.
  • Easy to use steriliser.
  • It has a USB connection for automatic cycle saving.
  • It can be operated remotely via the W&H Steri App.
  • New environmentally conscious packaging as it is made of cardboard and other biodegradable materials.


Exclusive update system:

  • Simpler sterilisation processes.
  • Quickly adapts to additional equipment functions.
  • Allows personalisation of traceability by means of a user identification code.
  • New Eco Dry + upgrade for a faster sterilisation cycle and automatically adjusts to the weight of the load.
  • Auto-save cycles via USB connection.
  • Offers optional label report printer.


Design of the Lara Autoclave:

Contains a valve that allows automatic water filling.

  • Compact and modern design.
  • Practical to clean thanks to its smooth design.
  • Filling water is easy because it has an integrated anti-splash funnel.
  • Practical access to the water tank as it has an easy to remove lid.


Technical specifications of Lara Sterilizer 22 litres:

  • Capacity: 22 Litres.
  • Power supply: 200 to 240V AC / 50-60 Hz.
  • Power consumption: 2.0 to 2.4 kW.
  • Dimensions: 465 x 452 x 646 mm.
  • Weight (empty): 44 kg.
  • Main and treated water tank: 4.8/4.8 litres.
  • Working range: 7 to 15 cycles.
  • Maximum load container: 9 kg.
  • Maximum solid load: 5.5 kg/typical 2 kg.
  • Maximum porous load: 2 kg.
  • Quick cycle (optional): maximum 2 kg unbagged.
  • Usable space in the chamber: 195 x 195 x 400 mm.
  • Connection types:
  • 2 USB ports (5 optional).
  • Integrated automatic water filling connection.


  • Turntable tray holder.
  • 3 aluminium trays.
  • Drain hose.
  • Tray holder.
  • 8 GB USB connection.
  • Door opening tool.
  • Factory test.

Lara: Class B Autoclave with touch screen (17 and 22 litres) - W&h

SKU: DTX19942129
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Fast and reliable steriliser with colour touch screen:

    • Class B steriliser with the fastest cycle time in its category.
    • Colour touch screen for easy navigation thanks to its intelligent menu and with an integrated auto-traceability that adapts to different needs.
    • Unique update capability with activation codes to create a usage log for each user and activate functions quickly.
    • New recyclable packaging.
    • Available in two capacities: 17 and 22 litres.
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