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LS3074L + LPH11 PRIME LINE 7,4:1 reduction contra angle with light.

The MK-dentPRIME LINE contra angle with a detachable head is a high quality and highly versatile instrument because it is fully compatible with KaVo and MK-dent heads. Also, the same handle can be used with 1: 1 transmission heads, reducing heads, special heads for prophylaxis or with special EVA system heads to polish interdental spaces.

Its titanium coating gives it a perfect grip for both maximum comfort and safety, also making the contra-angle highly resistant to scratches and corrosion.

With INTRAmatic universal connection – so it can be used in any pneumatic or electric micromotor.

It can even be used with micromotors without light thanks to its retractable guide that allows it to fit perfectly (although in this case, it would not transmit light).

German quality within everyone’s reach.


  • Up to 40.000 rpm.
  • Internal spray.
  • With light.
  • Detachable head from the handle.
  • 7,4:1 reduction.
  • Titanium coating.
  • INTRAmatic connection.
  • Sterilizable and thermo-disinfectable to 135º.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

LS3074L + LPH11 PRIME LINE 7,4:1 reduction contra angle with light

SKU: 06-LPC74L
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LS3074L + LPH11 PRIME LINE 7,4:1 reduction contra angle with light, detachable head and titanium coating.

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