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MD30 and MD11 Nouvag 2097 Micromotor 21

Nouvag electric micromotors have a manageable and ergonomic design.

Its light weight and diameter of only 21mm guarantees a comfortable and fatigue-free work for the user, even in long and complicated surgeries.

Its internal and external parts are made of high quality steel that ensures maximum reliability and a long service life.

Its high torque in connection with its high speed range (from 300 to 4,000 rpm) offers maximum flexibility to carry out each treatments requirements.

The microprocessor controlled electric motor is extremely stable and resistant to repeated sterilizations.

All this with a peace of mind because its a brand with a long history and experience. It also has the highest quality standards such as Nouvag.


  • MD30 and MD11 NOUVAG induction micromotor 21.
  • With cable 2 meters long.
  • Sterilizable and thermo-disinfectable in autoclave up to 135ºC.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

MD30 and MD11 NOUVAG Micromotor 21 – 2097

SKU: 48-2097
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MD30 and MD11 NOUVAG Micromotor 21 – 2097, with 2 meter long cable. Sterilizable and thermo-disinfectable 135ºC.

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