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Metasys ECO II amalgam seperator

Maximum reliability

The ECO II amalgam seperator does not require any connective technology
or electrical control. This increases its operational
safety and allows you to work in continuous mode without
the need for interruptions

Perfect results

Sophisticated sedimentation technology achieves a
99,3 % seperation rate.

Quick and easy installation

The connection to the dental suction system in the dentist’s office is
done with very little effort. An ECO II can be installed
on an already existent dental suction system.

Maintenance and service

The amalgam seperators are maintenance free, thanks
to the way it works (without electronic components).
The only maintenance is a change in its container annually or if the amalgam seperator
is 100 % full. It does not require any other
maintenance or service.


  • Max. water flow rate: 1l / min.
  • Seperation rate: 99,30%.
  • Volume of collection container: 700 cm³.
  • Change interval: Anually / 100% full.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 308 x 164 x 201 mm.
  • Weight of empty container with stand / full container 1,7 kg / 2,7 kg
  • Includes: Basic installation kit.

Metasys ECO II Amalgam Separator - Rumar

SKU: 98-010004
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ECO II Sedimentation Separator

  • Metasys ECO II amalgam separator.
  • Sedimentation separator.
  • No need for any connection technology or electrical control.

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