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Metasys MST 1 amalgam separator

Seperation module with
integrated selection valve

The water and air separation system is equipped with
with its own place selection valve. That is why it does not require
any other additional installations.

Self-cleaning seperator

The module 3 amalgam separator ensures a high degree of separation of up to
98,6 % (MST 1). Additionally, after each STOP, the seperator
cleans itself. This results in extremely
quiet operation and great functional safety.

Various ways to apply

The various mounting versions, as well as own assemblies,
available for all common units, and allow for a
easy and fast assembly.


  • Power supply: 24 V AC.
  • Frecuency: 50/60 Hz
  • Max. current consumption: 2 A
  • Max. electrical shaft power: 46 VA
  • Max. water flow rate: 4,5 l/min
  • Max. water flow rate from spittoon: 3,0 l/min
  • Max. water flow rate from suction line: 1,5 l/min
  • Negative pressure regulated: 80 mbar – 250 mbar
  • Seperation rate: 98,6%
  • Volume of container: 300 cm3
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 305 x 210 x 104 mm
  • DIBT permit number (German Institute
    of Civil Engineering): Z‐64.1‐4
  • Includes: Basic installation kit
  • Warranty: *36 months
  • Self-cleaning system.

*With maintenance requirement.

Metasys MST 1 amalgam separator

SKU: 98-010001
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Metasys MST 1 amalgam separator. Easy to install and with a 98.6% separation rate.

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