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Micropiezo Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
Micropiezo Features:

Soft Mode: Allows gentle scraping for sensitive patients, providing maximum comfort.
Possible treatments:
Prophylaxis - supragingival scraping.
Periodontics - subgingival scaling.
Perimplantitis - cleaning of implants.
Endodontics - cleaning root canals.
Endodontics - review of root canals.
Endodontics - retrograde.
Tactic control panel, with scaling and periodontics, endodontics and prosthesis functions marked by color and with 12 possible powers each.
The short cycle allows irrigation at the tip prior to treatment.
The long cycle allows automatic cleaning of the irrigation circuit at the end of the treatment.
The Slim handpiece with ultrasonic LED has a weight of 55 gr.
Independent tank that changes color according to clinical indication.
It has WIFI connection.
Compact and ergonomic design.


Micropiezo technical characteristics:
Device in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/745: II a.
Essential performance:
With irrigation: On: 55s and off 30s.
Without irrigation: On: 30s and off 120s.
Device for intermittent operation:
With irrigation: On: 55s and off 30s.
Without irrigation: On: 30s and off 120s.
Power supply: 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz.
Maximum: 24V.
BR/CR 1220 backup battery.
Working frequency: 24KHz to 36KHz.
Adjustable irrigation circuit with 7 levels: 0 (0 ml/min) to 6 (33 ml/min ±10%).
Tank capacity: 500 ml.
Handpiece LED light activated when you press the pedal.
Weight: 940 grams.
Size (width x length x height): 161x214x171mm.


Contents of the Micropiezo Cleaning Kit:
1 SLIM LED handpiece.
1 S1S insert.
1 P3 insert.
1 Bottle of 500ml.
1 Pedal.

Micropiezo: Ultrasonic Cleaning System - Mectron

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  • Compact Dental Cleaning Equipment:
    Soft mode for greater comfort for patients with dental sensitivity.
    Indicated for prophylaxis, periodontics, peri-implantitis or endodontic treatments.
    Multifunction: scaling and periodontics, endodontics and prosthetics.
    Super light handpiece.
    It has WIFI connection.

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