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DTE MINIPEX Mini Apex Locator

All the power and control concentrated in one small instrument with the latest location and root canal diagnosis technology. Convert the Minipex into the perfect ally in any endodontic treatment place and situation thanks to its new features:

  • User Comfort:
    • With a weight of only 71 grams and dimensions of 70 x 62 x 20mm, together with its posterior ring, enable direct use with just one hand, releasing the need for professional support or point of support.
  • Power and concentrated technology:
    • 100% digital automatic calibration, without losses or errors in the accuracy of root canal measurements.
    • High sensitivity with real-time response thanks to its latest generation chip and innovative algorithm, it is able to dismiss interferences caused by false positives
    • Tested accuracy of 97.71%
  • Ergonomic design and display:
    • Fabricado en materiales de calidad, resistente a los rasguños y limpieza sin angulaciones
    • 2.4" LCD screen with intuitive user interface, and easy to distinguish colour scale according to depth
    • Multi-frequency system, double-checking of the apical distance for better precision.
    • An alarm will sound before exceeding the 2mm Apical Limit
  • Low consumption, great power:
    • 3.7V/mAh Battery
    • 0.5W Maximum Energy Consumption
    • COntinuous work capacity of 7-8 hours with full charge
  • Fully equipped:
    • The Minipex comes standard with everyhting necessary for its constant use in clinic:
      • 4 File Holder Clips
      • 5 Lip Hooks
      • 1 Cable Connector
      • 2 Test Probes

Warranty of 1 year 

Minipex Portable Mini Apex Locator - Dte

Excluding Sales Tax

Mini Endodontic Locator

  • Apex Locatorminisize but with large benefits
  • 100% digital calibration without interference, superior accuracy; 97.71% and 7-8 hour battery
  • Fully equipped: (Connector, 4 file holders, 5 lip clips and more accessories)
  • Warranty of 1 year 

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