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MK-dent ECO LINE turbine without light Midwest connection HE17.

The MK-dent ECO LINEturbine has a simple design with the quality and robustness of German technology.

Direct connection to Midwest 4 hose without light and also available for the main coupling systems.

Its shape adapts perfectly to the hand for the operator to work comfortably avoiding fatigue.

Its high-quality chrome coating ensures a good grip and a high resistance to scratches and corrosion.

It facilitates the best visibility and access to the molar areas. This is because it has a special angle, both in the standard version and in the mini head version.

It has 4-hole spray (3 on the mini head), which guarantees safe work with optimum cooling of the cutter as well as a better view of the working field thanks to a very fine mist.

The rotor clamp has a guide for the burr with a steel insert for greater concentricity and a holding force of 30N.

The ceramic bearings and a perfect balance guarantee a vibration-free operation and a greater resistance to wear and tear, which extends the life of the turbine.

German quality within everyone’s reach.


  • Midwest 4 direct connection.
  • 4-hole spray.
  • Without light.
  • Up to 320.000 rpm.
  • Sound level: < 75db.
  • 18W of power.
  • Chrome coating.
  • Warranty: 1 year.


MK-dent ECO LINE turbine without light Midwest connection HE17

SKU: 06-HE17
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MK-dent ECO LINE turbine without light Midwest connection HE17.

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