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HP21SL MK-dent PRIME LINE turbine with light Sirona Click & Go coupling.

The newMK-dent Prime Line turbine combines the quality and robustness of German technology with an innovative, compact and elegant design.

Its Titanium coating gives it a perfect grip for maximum safety and comfort, making the turbine very light and resistant to scratches and corrosion.

Modular rotor with ceramic bearings and hardened chuck with carbide insert, for increased durability.

The perfect balance of its rotor ensures a minimum resistance in its rotation, so its sound level does not exceed 55 decibels. This makes the Prime Line the quietest turbine. Only a turbine that is not running makes less noise.

If the pressure of the dental equipment is too high, its automatic pressure reduction valve regulates the pressure level up to an ideal 2.8 bars. This preserves the bearing and avoids over stress. This, together with the anti-return system, which prevents saliva particles from entering the head, endows the turbine with a longer useful life.

With the 4-hole spray (3 in the mini head), it guarantees an optimal cooling of the burr and a better vision of the field of work – thanks to its very fine mist.

German quality within everyone’s reach.


  • Sirona Click & Go connection.
  • 4-hole spray.
  • With light.
  • Up to 350.000 rpm.
  • Sound level: < 55db.
  • 25W of power.
  • Titanium coating.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

MK-dent PRIME LINE turbine with light Sirona Click & Go coupling HP21SL

SKU: 06-HP21SL
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HP21SL MK-dent PRIME LINE turbine with light Sirona Click & Go coupling.

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