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Motopex Endodontic Motor

Endodontic motor with contra-angle handpiece and integrated compact apex locator. It has the latest technology for real-time information and dynamic torque control. Thanks to the automatic reverse function, it effectively prevents file fractures.

Features of Motopex Endodontic Motor:

  • Very intuitive, clear and large OLED display.
  • Easy to choose and use interface.
  • Super mini contra-angle head.
  • Sterilisable in autoclave counter-angle to prevent cross-contamination.
  • 2000 Mah lithium battery for maximum battery life
  • Automatic and adjustable calibration torque 0.4 - 0.5 Ncm.
  • It has 10 memorable programmes.
  • 30 predefined files.
  • With adjustable speed from 100 - 1200 rpm.
  • Adjustable angle for easy work on dental workpieces.
  • Compatible with all file systems on the market.

Available Motopex functions:

  • Apex locator mode for measurement (EAL).
  • Normal mode with clockwise rotation (CW).
  • Reverse mode with counterclockwise rotation (CCW): This mode is ideal for injecting calcium hydroxide.
  • Reciprocal Mode (REC)F for advance angles and R for reverse angles. Both modes are adjustable every 10°. Adjustment range: 20º - 400º.
  • Autoreverse mode (ATR): speed (rpm), drive torque (mcm) and adjustable feed angle.

Kit contents:

  • Handpiece.
  • Contra angle 6:1.
  • Charging base and power adapter.
  • 1 nozzle.
  • Silicone case.
  • Measuring cable.
  • Clip files.
  • Lip Hook.
  • Touch probe.
  • Instructions and quality certificate.
  • Guarantees: 24 months for unit and handpiece, 12 months for countra-angle.

Motopex: Endodontic Motor - Woodpecker

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Endodontic motor with contra-angle handpiece and integrated apex locator:

    • Compact, lightweight and portable handpiece and base.
    • With 6:1 contra angle super mini head for a clearer field of operation.
    • Brushless motor: Brushless motor for increased performance, durability and precision.
    • Guarantee: 24 months on unit and handpiece, 12 months on contra-angle.
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