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myQuickmat Forte Starter Kit


Achieve anatomically correct Class II cavity restorations with tight contact points and natural contours with the restorative solutions included in the myQuickmat Forte starter kit. The system allows you to restore teeth with different crown heights as well as teeth with large cavity preparations or missing cusps thanks to the myTines interchangeable limb system. All components of the kit have been selected to optimize the restorative procedure and enable fast and predictable results with minimal post-processing steps.


The kit contains:

  • myRing Forte, the double-spring matrix ring that enables effective tooth separation and matrix retention.
  • myTines, autoclavable, removable and exchangeable ring feet. They make myRing Forte a suitable instrument for the restoration of teeth with large cavities, teeth with missing cusps and teeth with different crown heights.
  • myWedge, adapts excellently to the interproximal anatomy of the teeth.
  • LumiContrast, unique dark steel matrices that provide strong contrast and low reflection, especially when working with magnifying glasses and dental microscopes.
  • QuickmatFLEX, partial matrices with advanced elastic memory. Ultra-thin for easy insertion into narrow approximal spaces and elastic for optimal deformation resistance.


myQuickmat Forte partial matrix system is also available as an intro kit.



  • Essential elements for restoring firm, anatomically correct contact points and natural contours
  • Selected restorative solutions for improved matrix retention and adaptation
  • Wide selection of sectional matrices to optimize your Class II restorations
  • A system for restoring teeth with different crown heights, missing cusps and wide cavity preparations

myQuickmat Forte: Dental Restoration Starter Kit - Polydentia

SKU: DTX-P6883
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  • Starter Kit 10 QuickmatFLEX partial matrices premolar, 10 QuickmatFLEX partial matrices molar, 5 QuickmatFLEX partial matrices molar deep, 10 LumiContrast partial matrices premolar, 10 LumiContrast partial matrices molar, 5 LumiContrast partial matrices molar deep, 2 myRing Forte, 2 pairs of myTines Small (S), 1 pair of myTines Medium (M), 1 pair of myTines Large (L), 10 myWedge XS, 10 myWedge S, 10 myWedge M, 10 myWedge L

    Manufacturer Item No.: 6883

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