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Ultrasonic generator with Newtron technology and NEWTRON SLIM B handpiece. LED more thin and ergonomic. Flat glass and illuminated power switch surfaces. Unit mobile and autonomous combining optimal control of vibration with a precise system of irrigation. The developer of F.L.A.G. plate for B. LED can be diluted in the deposit of 300 ml and apply very accurately simple and practical.

With a modern design of pure lines and flat surfaces, the generators NEWTRON P5 completely break with the aesthetics of the previous range. The rounded potentiometer diffuses a pleasant light, related to our exclusive Colour Code System, and can be removed for complete and easy cleaning. The surface is completely sealed.

Handpiece supports have also been modified. Now they are silicone, sterilisable and they can be easily replaced. In all models, except the Newtron Booster, can be placed both on the front side as side, according to your preference.

In the generators NEWTRON P5 B.Led, the handpiece is identical in shape but with LED light. New: This LED handpiece is equipped with two coloured rings: one with white light for conventional treatments and the other with blue light to generate fluorescence when applied with the F.L.A.G, another ACTEON® innovation. F.L.A.G. is a plaque developer, which is diluted in the irrigation tank or applied directly to the teeth, combining the action of blue light and F.L.A.G. on the bacterial plaque, a fluorescence is generated that allows you to clearly visualize the areas with plaque and to treat it, simultaneously, thus improving the efficiency and the treatment performance.

The XS models are equipped with an irrigation tank of 300 ml (optionally a 500 ml tank can be used) and it should be noted that these tanks are graduated to check the volume used at any time. Safe and very stable, they can be filled during the treatment.


Features of the NEWTRON P5 XS B Ultrasonic Generator. LED:

  • For gentle and precise treatments.
  • Automatic regulation of frequency and power.
  • It has a unique colour coding system.
  • The quality of the insert allows the preservation of enamel and anatomy.
  • It has total control of irrigation, so it does not heat up and is safer for tissues.
  • No pressure is needed, thanks to constant vibrations.
  • Treatment without pain for the patient.
  • It has a powerful cavitation, fragmentation and removal of deposits, cleaning and disinfecting effect.
  • Thanks to its frequency setting, it is always highly effective whatever the environment and/or treatment chosen.
  • Due to the quality of the insert, preservation of enamel and anatomy is achieved.

Technical Specifications of the NEWTRON P5 XS B. LED:

  • Size: 185 x 140 x 260 mm.
  • Weight: 2.1 kg.
  • Weight of the handpiece: 48g.
  • Cable of the handpiece: 2.04 m.
  • Water pressure: 5 - 40 ml/min.
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 28 kHz - 36 kHz.


  • NEWTRON SLIM B handpiece
  • Sterilisable LED including a ring of blue light.
  • Key.
  • 3 tips: 1 1S and H3.
  • Ring of white light.
  • 5 bottles of 15 ml of F.L.A.G. for B.LED.
  • Deposit of 300 ml.


SKU: DTX-F62100
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Powered by Satelec Newtron ultrasonic generator

    • SLIM B. NEWTRON handpiece
    • Sterilisable LED including a ring of blue light.
    • Key.
    • 3 inserts: 1 1S and H3.
    • Ring of white light.
    • 5 bottles of 15 ml of F.L.A.G. for B.LED.
    • Deposit of 300 ml.
    • Manufacturer item no.: F62100
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