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Dentsply Palodent V3 sectional matrix system

The Palodent V3 sectional matrix system consists of: rings, matrices, wedges, wedgeguards, clamps and clamp clamps for optimum performance both individually and as a system or assembly. This system provides accurate, secure and consistent contact points.

Titanium nickel universal rings are long lasting, outperforming stainless steel rings. The strength of the rings improves retention in the tooth. Rings and wedges can be superimposed and work well on complicated Class II restorations, such as those with a missing cusp. The dies, wedges and protection wedges are anatomically designed to provide a better seal and tighter contacts. The new protective wedges protect the adjacent tooth during preparation and then become wedges.

Features of Palodent V3:

  • Sectional system that provides accurate, secure and consistent contact points.
  • Optimal performance, individually, as a system or as a whole.
  • Easier removal.
  • Better gingival seal and less excess.
  • Mimetised finish.
  • The universal rings are made of titanium nickel.
  • Simple to use system.
  • Indicated for Class II preparations.

Contents of the Palodent V3 kit:

Starter Kit 20 matrices (5 x 4.5 mm, 15 x 5.5 mm), 15 wedges (small, medium, large), 5 WedgeGuards medium, 2 universal rings, 1 application forceps, 1 special tweezers, 1 user leaflet, 1 picture user leaflet

Manufacturer Article No.: 62500005

Palodent V3 Starter Kit: Sectional Matrix System - DENTSPLY

SKU: 02CA62500005
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  • With the Palodent® V3 sectional matrix system, anatomically correct contact points in Class II restorations can be achieved safely and quickly. Thanks to the tight gingival seal, there is less excess and therefore less finishing work. The Palodent® V3 system includes the following components

    • Rings made of nickel titanium (2 sizes: universal, small)
    • Anatomically shaped wedges (small, medium, large)
    • WedgeGuards for approximal protection of the neighboring tooth during preparation (small, medium, large)
    • Matrices with pre-formed edge strip and gingival apron as well as eyelets for secure grip during placement and removal (5 sizes)
    • Special tweezers with pin for secure gripping of eyelets in matrices and wedges
    • Application pliers with angled gripping ends for secure hold of the rings

    Palodent® V3 EZ Coat matrices (EZ = “easy”)

    • Color coding for easy size selection
    • Micro-thin non-stick coating for super easy removal
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