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Piezosurgery White Surgery device
Piezosurgery White is created to work as efficiently as possible within your clinic. A balanced device to be the most efficient in the relationship between preserving tissue and cutting. It offers maximum safety for surgeons and patients.

With micrometric cuts for minimally invasive surgeries. It does not damage any soft tissue, nerves, vessels and membranes will not be injured when cutting bone. It offers a faster and less traumatic post-operative recovery.

Features of Piezosurgery White:
How to use in 3 steps.
Allows the selection of the type of surgery and type of risk.
Automatically detects each insert within a few hundredths of a second.
Continuously monitor and adjust optimal insert movement and power levels.
It allows the doctor to focus on the surgery and deliver the best possible surgical results.
Automatic power adjustment (Feedback System)
Offers maximum intraoperative visibility. The effect of ultrasonic movements leads to a blood-free surgical site.
Easy cleaning.
Ergonomic for long hours of use in surgery.
Recognizes deviations from standard operation automatically.
Stops power and fluid in less than 0.1 seconds.
Shows the cause of the keyboard interruption.
360° Pedal Function.
Available with and without handpiece.


The product includes:
Piezosurgery device.
Handpiece with light.
Kit 8 tubes for pump.
K8 torque wrench.
Piezosurgey pedal.
Power cord.

Piezosurgery White: Piezoelectric surgery - Mectron

SKU: DTX05120063PM
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  • Mectron Surgery Device:
    Feedback system.
    It offers maximum safety for surgeons and patients.
    With micrometric cuts for minimally invasive surgeries.
    Does not damage any soft tissue.

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