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Prima DNT: Dental microscope with LED illumination system

Features of the Prima DNT Dental Microscope illumination system:

  • LED (light-emitting diode) lighting system, whose light intensity is 100,000 lumens.
  • The LED light is bright and cool enough to be used in various applications.
  • Highly efficient 50W.
  • Patented optical design and a 6 mm fiber optic cable.
  • It offers a soft light with an amount of lumens equivalent to those emitted by a 150 W halogen bulb. It consumes less energy.
  • It turns off automatically when folded into the storage position.
  • It guarantees the right intensity by regulating it (neither too soft nor too strong) through a potentiometer with rotary control knob.
  • The light it provides is free of flicker and variation.


Labomed DNT Microscope Technical Specifications

  • To better fit the workspace of operating rooms such as outpatient clinics to surgeries, its design is compact.
  • It has a robust H-shaped base and is located on swivel castors with a locking system. Pillar-mounted swivel arm.
  • The lenses, prisms and reflective mirrors are coated with MAXLite multilayers, guiding the light beams more efficiently and avoiding the loss of intensity to a maximum.
  • Five-fold lens changer with 0.4 x, 0.6 x, 1.0 x, 1.6 x, 2.5 x magnification
  • The observation tubes are ergonomic binocular tubes with 0º - 210º inclination, IPD range 50-70 mm, F=170 mm.
  • Objective lenses with f = 250 mm, manual fine focus control knob and sterilizable cap.
  • Adjustable wide field eyepiece 10 x / 18 mm, with eye protection and diopter adjustment +5.
  • 120º dental support.
  • Filter holder, with yellow and green filters.
  • Arm length: 110 cm
  • The paint is anti-bacterial.
  • The wheels are swivel and have a locking system.

Product Information:

  • Manufacturer: Labomed
  • Presentations available:
    • Ceiling mounting
    • Wall mounting
    • Table-top mounting
    • Floor mounting
    • Dental chair mounting.

In addition to these options, an extra long suspension arm (extension of ~250 mm) is available for more remote mounting options.

Prima DNT: Dental microscope w/smart LED lighting system - Labomed

SKU: MI6138000
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Performance, flexibility and economy

    • It offers a wide range of ergonomic accessories and different configurations to meet any dental practice need.
    • Highly efficientlow temperature lighting system offering a truly white LED.
    • Saves space in the clinic, because the LED light source and electronics are coupled inside the Prima arm.
    • Various stand systems: wall, table, ceiling, floor and dental chair
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