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PT-A | Ultrasonic Scaler + Woodpecker Aeropolisher

Combined and complete solution for perfect prophylaxis: efficient, comfortable and safe.
Automatic selection according to the handpiece lifted from the support.

  • Painless ultrasound technology for painless treatments. Differentiate yourself from your competitors and offer the best to your patients.
  • Water Heater: Eliminates the pain and tenderness generated by cold water during treatment. It makes the treatment more comfortable for the patient.
  • Operation via large, liquid- and splash-proof touchscreen. Able to perceive touch with gloves or through protective film.
  • Activation of the handpiece is done through the multifunction pedal , freeing the hands and allowing the “boost” mode to be activated to increase the power temporarily, as well as dry cleaning.



With its unique “Painless” technology for painless treatments, the piezoelectric ultrasound integrated into the PT-A is designed for prophylaxis, periodontics and endodontic treatments.
PT-A integrates supragingival cleaning, subgingival cleaning, tooth reconstruction, implant maintenance, and root canal therapy as a whole. With its elliptical movement , it allows the force of the impact to be dispersed, ensuring effective cleaning while reducing discomfort in the patient.

In addition, it allows zero degree angles to be achieved with the tooth surface and is usable in conjunction with a wide variety of precision tips, made of titanium alloy and with a lower hardness than enamel and dental cement, to avoid damaging the tooth surfaces.

Its powerful YZ-2L handpiece is detachable for autoclaving and fully compatible with EMS tips.

The autonomous water supply allows the use of clinical solutions such as: Hydrogen Peroxide, Hypochlorite or Chlorixidine.


Features of the ultrasonic scaler:

  • Compatible with EMS (hose connection and threaded tips), with LED light.
  • Adjustable working frequency up to 35,000 Hz.
  • Amplitud de movimiento de trabajo: 90μm.
  • 3 programs: Cleaning (G), periodontics (P) and endodontics (E).
  • 12 levels of flow regulation.
  • 12 levels of power regulation.
  • Water supply: autonomous and mains.


2.- Air Polisher

Powerful and versatile 2-IN-1 Aeropolisher: Supragingival Function and Subgingival Function designed to remove biofilm, surface stains and improve the appearance of teeth.

New lighter and more aerodynamic design optimised to avoid pressure losses, achieving a greater capacity to remove plaque and pigmentation while making it more difficult to generate clogs and reducing fatigue during use.


– SUPRAGINGIVAL function: its AP-1 handpiece with mini steel tip projects a precise and effective ø0.7mm powder jet surrounded by a ring of water that protects the soft tissues for maximum safety.
Can be used in combination with 40um and 65um Bicarbonate and Glycine powders.

UNIQUE anti-clog design

Handpiece with innovative design:

  • Lighter to reduce work fatigue.
  • With a smaller tip for better visibility and more precise prophylaxis.
  • Separable into three parts, facilitating better maintenance.
  • 360º Rotation.


– SUBGINGIVAL function: its AP-2 handpieces with mini tip with medical polymer tip, projects a jet of powder and three jets of water that allow a subgingival treatment of maximum efficacy and safety.
Usable in combination with Glycine 25um.

  • Subgingival tip:
    • Made of medical polymer.
    • 360º rotation.
    • Flexible.
    • Dust outlet in three directions and water outlet in one direction.
    • In-depth plaque removal.
    • Great accessibility.


  • Inlet air pressure: 5,5 – 7,5 bar.
  • Inlet water pressure: 1 – 5 bar (Autonomous and mains water supply).
  • Designed for use with Bicarbonate and Glycine powders. (recommended supragingival sizes: 65μm. and subgingival: 25μm)
  • 12 levels of flow regulation.
  • 12 levels of power regulation.


Supplies include:


  • YZ-2L handpieces (detachable and autoclavable)
  • 14 points.
  • 2 TW-5L self-limiting keys.
  • 2 Fixed keys.
  • 1 Sterilization box for ultrasonic handpiece and accessories.
  • 1 Filter wrench.



  • 2 powder tanks with completely transparent funnels : one for 65μm powders (Supragingival) and one for 25μm powders. (Subgingival) .
  • 2 handpieces .
    • Supragingival treatment handpiece AP-1 (28-AP1).
    • Subgingival treatment handpiece AP-2 (28-AP2).
  • 1 jar of baking soda FAST PT-S1 (28-PTS165/4).
  • 1 jar of glycine GENTLE MINI PT-S3 (28-PTS3SUB).
  • 10 Subgingival tips (28-AP2TIP).
  • Key for subgingival tips.
  • 2 sterilization boxes for air-polishing handpiece (2 cleaning needles included).



  • 2 water tanks: 1,400ml and 600ml.
  • Multifunction foot pedal .
  • Miscellaneous spare parts: 1 air filter, 1 water filter, set of O-rings, 2 LED handpieces, among others.
  • Installation accessories: 2 female connectors, 1 male connector, 1 “T” connection, 1 quick connection and 2 tubes, 1 for air connection and one for water connection.
  • Metal carrying case.

Lightweight and compact desktop unit: 2.75 kg / 28 x 12 x 33 cm
Warranty: 24 monts (12 months for the handpiece).

PT-A | Ultrasonic Scaler + Woodpecker Aeropolisher

Excluding Sales Tax

Combined and complete solution for perfect prophylaxis: efficient, comfortable and safe.
Automatic selection according to the handpiece lifted from the support.
Includes metal carrying case.

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