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Smart A: Endodontics Motor

Features of the Smart A. Endodontics Motor:

  • Bluetooth connection for intelligent control.
  • Customisable treatment plan.
  • Saving treatments in the cloud.
  • Voice control via "Vivi".
  • Magnetic contact charging and clamping.
  • Wireless foot pedal for easy control.
  • High performance brushless motor (10 times the lifetime of a brushed motor).
  • Adjustable angle of rotation in reciprocating mode. Adjustment range: 5º - 400º in intervals of 5º.
  • BB MODE: The file rotates continuously at an angle of 90° at 1 second intervals.
  • LB MODE: Reciprocating files are combined with a gradual change of the angle of rotation, reciprocating in cycles of: "angle set -2°, angle set -1°, angle set 0°, angle set +1°".
  • Includes: handpiece, loader base, foot pedal and accessories.

Technical specifications of the Smart A Endodontic Engine:

  • Operation via WEndo® App. Free multi-user application available for iOS and Android in the Apple Store and the App Market Place.
  • Compatible with all leading brand files.
  • Adjustable torque: 0.4 Ncm to 5.0 Ncm.
  • Adjustable speed: 100 to 2,500 rpm.
  • 2 high capacity batteries (2000mAh), one in the handpiece and one in the base.
  • Super mini 6:1 contra angle with 8mm diameter head and 9.7mm height for greater visibility, autoclavable.
  • Ultra-light handpiece: 109 grams

Smart A: Endodontic Motor - Woodpecker

Excluding Sales Tax

Woodpecker Endodontics Engine:

  • Bluetooth connection for intelligent control
  • Customisable treatment plan
  • Saving treatments in the cloud
  • Voice control via "Vivi".
  • Compact (109 g)

Price & Support

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