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The VIDU Addition Silicone is designed for the double impression technique as well as the base of the sandwich technique. It is a high-precision impression material based on polyvinyl siloxane. For use in dentistry only.

New generation silicone, which, thanks to its specific characteristics, guarantees maximum precision in the detection of details(5 m) even in a humid environment. The various hardnesses and viscosities allow optimum results to be obtained, adapting to every requirement and impression-taking technique.

Features of the Vidu Soft Putty Addition Silicone:

  • Long processing time allows better handling of the product.
  • Slight mouth retention guaranteed during the impression-taking procedure.
  • Maximum patient comfort.
  • Perfectly adapts to the anatomical shape of the dental structures and soft tissues.
  • Nearly 100% recovery after deformation.
  • Allows the reproduction of complete and perfect margins even in very thin thicknesses.
  • Galvanising the print is possible.
  • Working time 2:30 min.
  • Minimum time in mouth: 2:15 min.
  • VIDU Soft Putty Addition Silicone is available in 2 setting times, Normal Set and Fast Set.
  • Contents: 2 x 300ml Containers (Normal Set).




VIDU Addition Silicones are manufactured in Italy.


Soft Putty Addition Silicone (2 x 300ml Containers) - Vidu

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  • Putty for Taking 1 and 2 Step Impressions:

    • Plastic Neutral. Plastic footprint = 0 gr. *Certified by Gravity Wave.
    • Designed for double impression and sandwich impression techniques.
    • Perfectly adapts to the anatomical shape of dental structures and soft tissues.
    • Nearly 100% recovery after deformation.
    • Available in Normal Set and Fast Set.
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