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TKD TITANUS S Ultrasound kit Satelec compatible

Ultrasound kit to integrate into dental equipment. Suitable for hummingbird systems and hanging hoses.

Elegant new body with ergonomic case. The front can be unscrewed to clean and remove debris.

Improved transducer for greater reliability and higher power.

The mechanical vibrations generated are absolutely linear and longitudinal to the axis of the handpiece. Powerful cavitation effect at the tip of the Inserts.
Powerful cavitation effect at the tip of the inserts.

Non-return valve to prevent liquid absorption.

Complete with a torque wrench for safe and easy insert locking and handling.
Includes 1 insert.
Versions available for use with original EMS or Satelec inserts.

Handpiece, inserts, and wrench are fully autoclavable up to
135 ° C / 2 bar.
The enhanced TN250 electronic board allows you to automatically adjust and maintain the preset power at the actual resonance load.

Soft start for smooth activation of vibrations.

Protection against shutdown and failure.

Non-return valve to prevent liquid suction.



  • Compatible with: Satelec.
  • Maximum quality and durability.
  • 24 Vac +- 10% ó 30 Vdc +- 10 %.
  • Without light.
  • Sterilizable and thermodisinfectablehandpiece.
  • Supply includes: 3 tips, 1 torque wrench, electronic board, handpiece and hose.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

TKD TITANUS S Ultrasound kit Satelec compatible/TKD

SKU: 40-46093
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  • TKD TITANUS S Ultrasound kit Satelec compatible

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