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TKD Vortice pneumatic micromotor without light

Pneumatic micromotor with direction adjuster and speed regulator through a regulation ring.
Overall performance has been improved and a torque of 2.7 Ncm has been achieved, which remains extremely high in all speed ranges.
It has internal irrigation and can be used with any contra angle or handpiece with a standard connection.

It has a quick connection system compatible with KaVo Multiflex couplings.



  • Up to 20.000 rpm.
  • INTRA system, internal spray.
  • Compatible with KaVo Multiflex connection.
  • Without light.
  • Speed regulator and reverse.
  • Very light: 96 gr.
  • Maximum torque: 2,7 Nmc.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

TKD Vortice pneumatic micromotor without light

SKU: 40-22452
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TKD Vortice pneumatic micromotor without light. With internal irrigation, KaVo Multiflex connection and regulation of direction and speed of turn.

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