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Ultrasonic scaler + air polisher AP-B

Features of the Ultrasonic Scaler:

  • Compatible with EMS (hose connection and threaded tips), with LED light.
  • Adjustable working frequency up to 35,000 Hz.
  • Working range of motion: 90μm.
  • 3 programs: Cleaning, periodontics and endodontics.
  • HW-5L detachable and autoclavable handpiece.
  • Water supply: autonomous.
  • Includes: 6-point and self-limiting spanner.

Features of the AP-B Air polisher:

  • Powerful and versatile 2 IN 1 aeropulper: Supragingival function and subgingival function.
  • Completely transparent bottle and funnel.
  • Inlet air pressure: 5.5 - 7.5 bar.
  • Lightweight and compact desktop unit: 2,0 kg / 27 x 17 x 9 cm
  • Designed for use with Bicarbonate and Glycine powders (recommended sizes 65 μm. and 25 μm. respectively).
  • Includes: Bircabonate bottle, Glycine bottle, 10 Subgingival tips, tip spanner and two sterilisation boxes.
  • Guarantee: 24 months (12 months for the handpiece).
  • Two handpieces:
    • Supragingival treatment handpiece
    • Subgingival treatment handpiece

Features of the handpiece:

  • Light weight.
  • With small tip for better visibility and more precise prophylaxis.
  • Separable into 3 parts.
  • 360º rotation.
  • Subgingival tip:
    • Made of medical polymers.
    • 360º rotation.
    • Flexible.
    • Dust outlet in three directions and water outlet in one direction.
    • In-depth plaque removal.
    • Great accessibility.


Cart specifically custom designed to transport the Woodpecker AP-B and AP-A Ultrasonic Scaler + Air Polisher.


Firm, compact and secure:

It groups all the cables inside the frame in a simple way and ensures a clean and functional aesthetic, and also guarantees extremely simple cleaning and maintenance, eliminating any risk.

360º wheels:

Maximum ergonomics, maneuverability and safety with all movements: storage is simplified even in small spaces. The two front wheels have brakes.

Storage slots/holes for dispensers and powders:

It has 3 slots / holes on the front where you can have everything you may need at hand (Canisters of Baking Soda or Wisteria, Replacement Bottles / Tanks...), ensuring more hygienic work and greater efficiency.

Made of white enameled steel.


Product measurements (without packaging)

Width: 330mm

Length: 361mm

Height: 791mm

Ultrasonic Scaler + Airpolisher AP-B + Cart- Woodpecker

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Woodpecker AP-B ultrasonic scaler and air polisher 28-APB

    Cart specifically custom designed to transport the Woodpecker AP-B and AP-A Ultrasonic Scaler + Air Polisher 28-CART1

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