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Full Kit veneer moulding system

The Uveneer Extra Full Kit is one of Uveneer's most complete mould systems as it consists of 24 units of different sizes. This specific kit is designed for direct composite veneers, for high quality restorations with natural aesthetics.

Each mould is reusable and autoclavable for practical, cost-effective and versatile use. In addition, each one mimics the natural anatomy of the tooth in compliance with smile design standards. Its maximum precision is shaped by the ideal height to width ratio, contour, space and midline. The system facilitates the application of the veneers because each shank contains the tooth number, size and arch to ensure a perfect result.

After placement, it is easy to work with the moulds because they allow light to enter the composite for efficient polymerisation and also facilitate rapid separation of the polymerised composite resin.

Features of Uveneer Extra Full Kit:

  • Direct composite veneer mould kit.
  • Reusable and autoclavable.
  • Designed for high quality anterior restorations.
  • Create an anotomy with any composite resin.
  • Natural aesthetics thanks to scans of real teeth.
  • Each mould is numbered to correspond with the number and tooth size of the upper arch.
  • The system includes the ideal height to width ratio, contour, space and midline.
  • Prevents oxygen inhibition layer during setting, resulting in a hard and shiny surface.
  • Easy separation of the polymerised composite resin.
  • Faster thanks to minimal adjustments and polishing.
  • It can be used to create cosmetic mock-ups, shade selection and temporary restorations during the creation of porcelain veneers.
  • Easy application on one or more teeth.
  • Compatible with any composite.

Indications for Uveneer Extra Full Kit:

  • Versatile use for direct composite veneers, aesthetic try-in or mock-up, temporary veneers and Class III, IV and V restorations.
  • The moulds are simple to clean with alcohol wipes after use.
  • It is recommended to remove resin residues after use to avoid affecting the properties of the system.
  • Uveneer moulds can be purchased individually in case of loss.

Technical specifications of the Uveneer Extra Full Kit:

  • Dimensions: 112mm (W) x 109mm (L) x 89mm (H).
  • Weight: 0.312 kg (0.69 lbs.).

Contents of the Full Kit:

  • 6 Extra Large Insoles for upper anterior arch.
  • 6 Large Anterior Upper Arch Insoles.
  • 6 Medium anterior upper arch inserts.
  • 6 square templates for anterior upper arch.

Manufacturer Item No.: UVKEV1

Uveneer Extra Full Kit: Reusable Mould System (24 pcs) - ULTRADENT

SKU: GL210263
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The Uveneer® EXTRA Direct Composite Template Kit complements the original Uveneer Template Kit with four new minimally invasive upper anterior templates - Extra Large, Large, Medium and Square. Each template creates beautiful composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry and an incredibly natural aesthetic. Because the designs for the Uveneer Extra templates are based on scans of real teeth, they require minimal adjustment or polishing to achieve the desired results. Like the original Uveneer templates, the Uveneer Extra templates are designed to create high-quality anterior restorations in one visit. Cost-effective: Autoclavable and reusable.

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