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Woodpecker GS5 ultrasound tip Sirona compatible, Prophy

Tip for ultrasound GS5 Prophylaxis compatible with Sirona Sirosonic, Sirosonic L, Sirosonic TL, Periosonic and Perioscan.

Woodpecker-DTE ultrasonic inserts are compatible with the screw-in systems of all major brands of piezoelectric handles.

They are made of high quality and very durable biomaterial.

Its surface is treated with special polishing techniques and undergoes 5 quality controls to ensure smooth edges without angles or ridges.

More than 25 years of experience and its service in more than 190 countries around the world guarantee the quality of Woodpecker-DTE.


  • Compatible with Sirona Sirosonic, Sirona Sirosonic L, Sirona Sirosonic TL, Sirona Periosonic and Sirona Perioscan.
  • GS5 tip. Prophylaxis.
  • Torque precision is approved according to DIN.
  • Material: Swiss chrome steel.

Woodpecker GS5 ultrasound tip Sirona compatible, Prophy

SKU: 28-GS5
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Woodpecker GS5 ultrasound tip Sirona compatible, Prophy

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