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WOODPEX V, apex locator.

The Woodpex V is an apex locator with an advanced radiofrequency technology system for maximum precision in the measurement and trajectory of files in root canal preparation treatments even when there is blood or residuals in the canal.

Compatible for use with the ENDO SMART PLUSendodontic motor.

Its bright and clear LCD screen allows easy tracking of the file’s path in various colors. Its acoustic signals also provide maximum safety for the dentist.

Its automatic calibration ensures more accurate measurements.

It also has an elegant and modern design, with a large screen and firm metal base.

With 24 months warranty on units and 6 months on accessories, you can count on RUMAR’s service and the experience of Woodpecker-DTE, with 25 years innovating in the dental equipment sector.


  • Autoclavable accessories.
  • Large, bright and clear tilting LCD screen.
  • 97,71% precision.
  • Weight: 336gr.
  • Dimensions: 84mm x 88mm x 112mm.
  • Includes 1 measuring cable, 4 mouth clips, 5 mouth hooks, 2 trial tips, 1 tester and 1 charger.
  • Warranty: 2 years for the unit / 6 month for the accessories, battery and charger.

Woodpex V: Apex Locator - Woodpecker

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Woodpex V apex locator by Woodpecker:

    • With radio frequency technology for maximum precision in the measurement and trajectory of the files.
    • It measures accurately, even if there is blood or residual pulp in the root canal.
    • More stable and stronger anti-interference capability.
    • LCD display.
    • Modern, elegant design with large screen and sturdy metal base.

    *The Woodpex V model apex locator replaces the Woodpex III Pro and DPEX III PRO models.

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