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XantALGIN Chrono Alginate for taking dental impressions

Chromatic alginate during the hardening reaction, Xantalgin Crono indicates each phase of the hardening reaction through colour changes.

Easy to use, simplifies procedures and prevents human error thanks to four color changes:

  • 1 mixing plate. BLUE
  • Color change for time to put in tray: Violet.
  • Ready for taking intraoral color change: Pink.
  • Color change of setting and withdrawal in the mouth: White.

Characteristics of XantALGIN Crono Alginate:

  • Thanks to its optimized reaction mechanism prints can be poured until five days later.
  • Smell of Mint.
  • Light violet colour.
  • Dust-free.
  • Chalky consistency.
  • Setting by means of colour changes.
  • High elasticity and tear resistance.
  • They have a long shelf life without preservatives.
  • They do not contain any chemical disinfectants and are kind to skin and gums.
  • Processing time: 1:15 min.
  • Time in the mouth: 1:00 min.
  • Final curing: 2:15 min.
  • Mixing ratio (powder: water): 23 g. 50 ml.
  • Available in: 1 Bag of 500 gr / 2 x 500 g bags of peppermint, 1 measuring cutlery.

XANTALGIN CRONO alginate (500gr) - Kulzer

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Dust-free alginate for dental impressions:

    • Colour change during the hardening reaction
    • High fidelity of detail.
    • Smell of Mint.
    • Completely homogeneous, no lumps.
    • Available in: 1 Bag of 500 gr or 2 Bags of 500 gr each or 2 Bags of 500 gr each.
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